Creating Short-Term Rental Entrepreneurs:

Asset-Based with No Liabilities.

Forget Arbitrage; let’s build a company that grows in assets without the downside of liabilities.

The short-term rental market is primed for entry, servicing and scale. Real Estate prices have already dropped, making everyone an investor; but few know the secret to high occupancy and high profits- and we can show you just that.

After 6 years of perfecting the formula and going from 1 airbnb rental to 100+, we’ve found the formula to scale your occupancy from below market to above market by at least 10%.

Currently, we’re experiencing 70% plus occupancy rates in the current economy which allows us to not only remain profitable, but to attract new investors who want to achieve those same targets.

Freedom Fridays

Is not just another education platform, the content comes from experience. Brad Kady has spent the past 6 years as an Airbnb operator and amasses a portfolio of over 100 doors in which he manages for himself and other investors. Brad’s expertise is tried and true and his methods proven successful not just by his own account but that of his investors.

Dr. Ty Richardson on the other had is an experienced serial-entrepreneur and business strategists who’s able to work across industries and scale businesses. Having multiple businesses of his own, Ty compliments Brad by applying industry techniques for marketing, growth and scale. Ty also is a Commission for his local city’s housing authority and is intimately familiar with the housing market.

Together they provide you with the expertise you need to do what they do. Brad and Ty chose the name Freedom Fridays because they believe no one should work on a Friday, so let’s give you the tools you need to make that a reality.

What’s involved…

Brad & Ty coach you on exactly how to start your own short-term rental business; set it up with systems; approach investors with an educated and well-thought out cash projection; hire the right team; and start building your contract-based business.

You don’t have to be a property owner to work with us. You can be either:

  • A Host or Co-Host

  • A Property Manager

  • An aspiring Investor

  • Working on your side-hustle

  • Exploring a new start-up business

  • Someone looking to create a second stream of income

  • A Serial-Entrepreneur looking for a diversified stream of income

Why Wait?

A lot of the year has already gone. Can you afford to wait to see if the market gets better, or are you ready to make a change or better yet, learn how to recession-proof any Airbnb Rental, for you and/or for anyone who you can service as a host or property manager?

Connect with us to learn more and start. growing your own short-term rental business today.

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